Medical Gas Recertification

The Winn’s CE Florida Medical Gas Installer course is subject to two expirations.

3 Year Training Expiration:  This must be renewed every 3 years and may be accomplished in two ways:

  • Online with a self-paced program (4 hours, see below)
  • Via a live update course (4 hours, see below)

6 Month Brazing Expiration:  Per NFPA 99, Section, “Performance qualifications of brazers shall remain in effect indefinitely, unless the brazer does not braze with the qualified procedure for a period exceeding 6 months.”  Failure to braze (and document brazing) in a 6 month period will require the individual to renew his/her brazing qualification via a brazing test.


Transfer to Winn’s CE:  If you have a Florida Medical Gas Installation card issued by another provider, we will be happy to help with your renewal.  E-mail us a copy of your previous Med Gas card so we may address the correct code update and brazing renewal based on your situation.

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