After suffering a major heart attack on March 1st (2015), Curtis overcame numerous subsequent complications before being flown to Baylor Medical in Dallas on March 11th.  On March 12th, after saying goodbye to the family members with him and kissing Kay (his wife of 58 years), he described the little glimpse of heaven he was seeing and went home to be with Jesus.  He was not afraid, but thankful for his life and family.
Following his family, Curtis was most proud of being a veteran, mason, and a plumber.  We know he has touched many lives and we appreciate the outpouring of prayers and well wishes.  As many of you know, Curtis slowed his teaching schedule over his last two years as his sons accepted leadership of the business he founded.  One of his last wishes was that our family business continue to grow as an enduring legacy of his life, a wish we fully intend to fulfill.
We celebrated Dad’s life at 2 pm on Sunday, March 22nd at the First Baptist Church of Coahoma.  It was a beautiful spring day with a packed church, flowers from plumbers across the state and lots of laughter amid the tears.


“Calm Seas Curtis”,  His wisdom, humor, knowledge, and pride will be missed. We thank him for all the personnel sacrifices he made serving the plumbing industry. He will leave a very large hole in our hearts and minds.  CM

It was a pleasure knowing Curtis, and I know the industry will be less without him.  RP

Curtis was a great man.  PR, AR, MF

Mr Winn winn has been such amazing influence in the plumbing industry an my career.  RB

I want say thanks for his help.  Always he was a professional and he [had a great] attitude.  MR

He was the best instructor I’ve ever had.  RA

Curtis has been a great mentor and played a huge role in my plumbing career. He will be missed and truly hope you will carry on his legend and legacy.  MR

Curtis was a good man.  MP

I have been taken your classes for about 4 or 5 years now. Sometimes it would be your or your sons, but always a Winn. And all because of your smile and the way you said hello. Always full of joy. So get the class ready there in heaven, and when the time is right I’ll sign up for that one too.

My husband is a plumber, and he always does his continued education with your company. And would have me look for the class that Curtis was teaching. And this last year, I even called to double check, if there was a class were Curtis was teaching. Even though there was not, he had me sign him up with your company anyways. That only tells me he was a great plumber ,teacher and man.  SS

We had a great respect for him, we learned from him, he thought us to respect our job and others, starting with ourselves. We will miss him.  CG

Your Dad was a very nice man and I had been taking my continuing education courses for many years from him.  My thoughts and prayers are with your family right now and I know that the family business is in good hands.  I know your Dad must have been very proud of you all.  SS

Curtis was a nice man I’m grateful to have met him.  DS

I’ve learned a lot in Mr. Winn’s CE classes!!!!! I  always thought about what it would have been like to do plumbing with Mr. Winn in his prime. I can tell that he was an extremely hard working man, and loved our trade! He dedicated his life to other plumbers and for that I am grateful…  JW

Heaven has gained a great angel. Your knowledge and presence will be missed.  GP

He was a great man that will always be remembered.  EG

He was a true professional in his field. I enjoyed his passion for the plumbing industry. He taught me a lot through out the years, from the first time I met him at my tradesman prep course to my responsible masters business class. The greatest thing he shared with me was his dedication to be more then just average at what you do in life. He was a great lead to follow and it has truly rubbed off on his family and those around him. He will be missed and loved by the thousands for what he has done. I am thankful to have crossed paths with him on his journey. There is only one place that could hold a heart his size.  KL

Mr. Winn was a outstanding teacher and a great man . We will miss his vast knowledge and experience.  Thank you Mr. Winn.  The Lord has made a spot for you in Heaven.  MP

When I started my business back in the early 80’s Curtis has always been there for any Texas State Plumbing License. Curtis Winn trained & handled all my plumbing license endorsements including Med Gas, and Home Fire Sprinkler Systems. Curtis was always only a phone call away. I never attended one of his classes to where he did not talk about his  family. I feel like I know you all personally… I will miss my old friend, he is in heaven now enjoying the life after.  HC

My son and I have known your father for many years and have respected his contributions to the plumbing industry.  JW

He is definitely going to be missed… I know Matthew and the gang will carry on, Curtis will be there in spirit for sure… best wishes and God bless.  BB

We all loved going to his classes and learning about plumbing and his life.  He was a great man.  JL

He was an outstanding person and when in Texas I thouroughly enjoyed his continuing education. I have a huge amount of respect for Curtis and my condolenses to the family. He was one of the good guys.  SS

I’ve been a plumber since 2003, and every continuing ed class was at Winns.  Mr. Winn was a kind,  knowledgable man that made every class enjoyable. He did touch many lives.  NS

Mr. Curtis Winn taught me so much from the start of my tradesman prep courses to the many years of continuing education classes. His humor, sincerity, and honor as a plumber are truly irreplaceable. He will truly be missed by so many. Thank you Curtis for all the wonderful years and all your shared knowledge. May god bless you, your family, and may you rest in peace sir.  DS

I attended several classes for plumbing cont. ed. that Curtis taught over the years and always enjoyed them. Curtis did a grand job teaching these classes and always demanded attention when the class would get “off the subject” and get too rowdy and he had a knack to regain control and continue on. He will be sorely missed by those of us who attended his classes. It was a pleasure to get to know him and he will indeed be missed by a “bunch” of plumbers both young and old.  Thanks Curtis!!!  DM

I was not fortunate enough to have known Curtis very long, but I did come to know that he was genuinely honest man of strong faith who was very proud of his children and family. He also made it known that Kay was and always would be the love of his life. I consider it a honor to have cared for Curtis during his hospitalization and a privilege to have met his wife and family. During this difficult time I pray that all will find comfort in the memories they shared with such a great man.  BS

He was a great inspiration to me and many other plumbers I know.  TM

We will miss him.  RG

I’ve been going to Curtis’ classes for over ten years. He’ll definitely be missed.  RS

I did only know Curtis through the class he taught, but called him my friend. I believe I was at his first class he taught in Houston. I still have the Wooden Nickle he gave us to use for a discount on the classes. I always enjoyed talking to Curtis about his family and his faith in Jesus, two things that he truly enjoyed sharing about. I look forward to seeing him again one day and who knows what kind of stories he will have saved up for our next conversation.  RG

He was a genuinely good man.  I first met him in 2000 at a med gas training class he was giving in Houston. I had never brazed in my life, but he taught so well that I passed my med gas certification in Austin on the first try. Over the years, we got to know each other fairly well at as many CE courses as I could attend of his… After we initially met, he tried to help me break into the med gas world on several occasions… I will always be grateful to him for that.  We had several great talks about his love for his family. I adopted my sons from Ukraine not long after we first met, so when his grandson was brought home from China, it was fun to hear his pride. He loved you all so much and it was clear how proud he was of each of you. It was also very clear that he was a man of deep faith.  I was proud to have known him.  MH

I knew him through continuing education and always made it a point to take his class.   He was a man of integrity and a knowledgeable teacher.  I know he will be missed.  SM

He was and is such a great man.  BR

I’m going to miss you Curtis we’ll see you again.  JS

I first met Curtis and Mark in 1998 at a project in Big Spring and am proud to say that he, along with the rest of you, was and is my friend…He made sure I understood the importance of teaching our young people what a plumber really does, what a plumber actually is. He had a positive impact on me and I doubt if I am the only one who can or should say that. I am proud to have known him.  JA

He was such a great person and will live on in my memories forever.  QN

He was a great instructor.  JN

How a man’s family and friends treat him while he is alive is a true reflection of how he lived his life. It’s apparent your father worked hard to instill good qualities in his children and that he personally strove to treat others the way he wanted to be treated. Your devotion to live by those same principles speaks volumes.  CA

I always enjoyed Curtis stories in his classes, and always saw a little of my own father in this eyes.  DW

Curtis was full of knowledge, and laughter, and he knew his business well. Mr. Winn gave us an opportunity to not only have fun learning, he gave us confidence. We are very thankful he shared his wealth of intelligence, and character to his equally pleasant and smart sons.  Mr. Curtis Winn will be missed and cherished forever.  MG, GG

Curtis was a good man and was always very helpful with any problems any Plumber had. Curtis will be missed Dearly in the Plumbing Industry.  RG

Mr. Winn was a good man.  PO, RG

Hated to hear [of] our loss. I used “ours” because his death is [a loss to] all of us plumbers and he will be missed.  EH

I was moved this morning after learning that Curtis had passed on from this life; I have attended many of his classes over the years and enjoyed visiting with him at every one. He will be greatly missed, however I am happy to know that he is in heaven with Jesus Christ.  MB

We all just gained an Angel.  Mr. Winn’s class meant a great deal to me because it was one of the things me and my father did together.  My father would always call me to make sure we were on schedule for our CE.  I lost my Dad in 2012 and that year Curtis noticed me sitting alone and asked me “where’s your Dad?” and I told him he had passed in April.  He kindly expressed his condolences.  I don’t know how many hours we spent talking plumbing in class, not just book talk but real life plumbing talk. I loved to participate.  I’m proud to say that Mr. Winn knew me by my first name and that makes me feel good. I could call him anytime and he was always there to help. He was a good guy and he did it right.  It really makes me feel good that he had Kay and his family when he was at Heaven’s door. If we could all be blessed like that.  HG

What a remarkable person, a leader, and a plumber.  I feel honored to have met Mr. Winn, and received instruction from him.  The respect & honor he gave to his family, and others. I pray his legacy continues in his family, and in his community of people who want to do the right thing.  RS

He was a good man and a strong leader in the plumbing industry and will be missed.  DD

He was a great ambassador to our plumbing industry.  AL

I enjoyed his many classes I attended.  He made the classes interesting and the time always went quick.  BY

He is very special to me and will be missed.  EW

Curtis was truly a gentleman and an inspiration to everyone that came in contact with him.  I meet him many years ago through his trades classes and even drove from Corpus Christi to his home office and up to San Antonio on more than one occasion just to take his classes rather than have to attend someone else’s .  I would always try to show up a little early just incase he needed any help ( Which he rarely ever did ) but the real reason was just to sit and visit for a while as I loved to listen to his opinion of world matters both new and in the past .  I consider him a good friend and great educator with more knowledge than most and a Love for God and Country like few other men that have served in his industry will ever know.  BB, CB

He was a wonderful man with whom I had great respect. I will miss him.  PB

Curtis will be missed–he had a immense impact on our industry and on my young life as a plumber.  Everyday of our lives we meet dozens of people but only a hand full will make a difference in our life. I’m glad to say that Curtis made a big difference in mine and I’m grateful to had the chance to learn from him. I always consider him as a friend.  PL

Richard enjoyed very much your husband in all the years he was in class and he would not go with no one else. Every year he would tell me don’t forget to call Kay and Curtis. Richard will continue to to be a loyal student of Winns.  GA, RA

Mr. Winn was always so kind and helpful and taught us all so much. We are grateful to have known him and he will be missed.  BJ, PJ, SL

It was an honor to have known such a great person and we will truly miss him.  MB, AR, DR

I met Curtis many many years ago and thought only the best of him. He was always straight and true, witty,  and was one of the smartest men I have ever known in the trade. He will be sorely missed, but they will be plumbed to code in Heaven don’t you know!!!  JM

We have been a customer for almost 10 years and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. It’s always been a pleasure doing business with you but too often in the rush of doing business, we forget to say “THANK YOU” loud enough to express our sincere appreciation for your services until it’s too late.  Our thoughts and prayers surround you. You can count on us to fulfill his last wish. We really wouldn’t go anywhere else.  SW

My family and employees have been working with Curtis for probably 20 years, I personally have called on him for guidance many many times and he was always willing to help,and I trusted his word, being the absolute professional he was. He will greatly be missed…  JZ

He was a good christian and godly man.  I am retired now, but will always carry him in my heart.  God bless y’all for giving him to us…keep on teaching!  CA

Was a great man. U boys will carry on.  WC

This was a very special man in the plumbing trade and his legacy will live forever in Texas…  PL

Had numerous classes with the Winn family.  Very good people.  I’m sure Mr.Winn is in a better place.  May God bless him and his entire family.  And carry on the great Winn tradition for Dad!  PO

Mr Curtis was someone a person could hope to come across once in life. He will be missed…  Curtis was bigger than life…  MB

I also lost a friend.  I was in his class for 8 years.  I know Mr. Winn was a good man.  SD

It is with a heavy heart that I pen this note not of condolences but of thanks.  Thanks that I knew Curtis, thanks that I considered him a friend, thanks that I was able to attend his classes.   Curtis never once said no, once when I had allowed my medical gas certification get to the point of expiring he drove to a hotel in Tomball and had a class just for me.  He was full of patience and was a eternal optimist, he believed you could do it if you wanted to.  Over the years He and I spoke about the virtues of Masonry, once he told me what he liked most about Masonry was that it kept the good guys good!  Typical of Curtis, always looking for the good in everyone.  It is without shame that I can say,  I love you Curtis Winn, rest easy my friend.  DC

Curtis was a mentor and a friend.  And from what I have seen and heard, a good husband and father.  Best credentials anyone can take with them.  JJ

I enjoyed classes with Curtis, for many years.  ER

Curtis Winn was a great friend to [our] family, and a close personal friend to me. He will be greatly missed.  PB

I loved Brother Curtis and the inspiration he gave me through the years.  DA

We both enjoyed working with your Dad and Mom, as well as you boys, in the continuing education program.  BM, MM

His professionalism, commitment to the trade and to plumbers, bold stand for the Lord, and his total availability really set the bar high for us.  DC

Mr. Winn will always be our best educator and best role model for being a plumber.  JS


On behalf of Curtis’ entire family, please accept our heartfelt thanks for your kind words and wonderful reflections.  Many of your comments were part of his celebration service and we were overwhelmed by the flowers and presence of so many friends from around the state.  Curtis was thankful for your business and your friendships over so many years.  We look forward to continuing his legacy of service to you.  Thanks!