NCCER Certification


The Texas Education Agency (TEA) requires Texas high school students enrolled in various Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs to receive industry-based certifications as a significant component of the state’s school accountability program.  The TEA Architecture & Construction Career Cluster includes:


  • Carpentry
  • Construction Technology
  • Core Curriculum
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Instrumentation
  • Masonry
  • Milwright
  • Painting
  • Pipefitting
  • Plumbing
  • Sheet Metal
  • Weatherization
  • Welding




For each of these programs, the required industry certification is from NCCER (National Center for Construction Education & Research).  In order for Texas schools to provide the required NCCER certification, they must be partnered with an NCCER Accredited Training Sponsor (ATS).  Winn’s CE is an active Accredited Training Sponsor, serving high schools across the state in their delivery of any NCCER craft curriculum.  Here’s an overview of the process:


  1. Winn’s CE and the local school sign a summary Memorandum of Understanding.
  2. Instructors complete two days of NCCER training through Winn’s CE (unless already certified).
  3. Winn’s CE performs an initial site visit and completes registration of the training location.
  4. Students are enrolled in the related courses and Winn’s CE registers them with NCCER.
  5. The school orders selected craft textbooks (or e-books) through their Pearson publishing account.
  6. The school’s instructors complete the training modules at their selected pace and schedule.
  7. Student’s complete online module exams proctored by their (certified) instructor.
  8. Instructor’s report completion of each module’s hands-on components (with copies to Winn’s CE).
  9. Winn’s CE completes one on-site visit to observe the program each year.
  10. Student’s receive NCCER certification for the craft levels they have completed.
We believe strongly in the value of trade education and want to see many young people leave high school on the path to a well-paying, high demand job.  Winn’s CE also operates apprenticeship programs registered by the US Department of Labor and students completing programs we sponsor in high school may be eligible for advanced placement based on their previous course work.  In addition, Matthew Winn is a member of the TEA Architecture & Construction Advisory Committee which reviews the requirements and implementation of trades education in Texas schools.
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