Continuing Education For Colorado Plumbers

We are proud to be the first Attesting CE Provider for Colorado and we are honored to serve the plumbing professionals of this great state beginning in 2021.

Effective May 1, 2021, all licensed Residential, Journeyman, and Master Plumbers must complete eight (8) hours of Continuing Education (CE) every twelve months in order to renew a license (with limited exceptions for those who recently completed a plumbing exam).  A minimum of eight (8) hours of CE must be completed every 12 months during the license cycle. Within every twenty-four month period, a minimum of four (4) CE hours must be related to codes and no more than two (2) hours will be accepted in CE courses related to safety training.

If holding multiple licenses issued by the Board, completion of CE requirements for the most advanced license shall satisfy the requirements for all lesser licenses as well.  See the Colorado DORA/DPO State Plumbing Board site for full details.

These courses are online self-paced, 4 credit hours per course, with two courses published each year.  Each course is available for credit for at least two years after release, so simply select a different option each time to avoid duplicate credits.  Colorado does not accept or maintain continuing education records but may request a copy of your completion certificate at the time of license renewal.

INTERNET BROWSER:  We have noted occasional video streaming issues with the Chrome browser and recommend FireFox, Safari, or Edge instead.  We also recommend completing these courses on a computer, laptop or tablet instead of a phone (which may not handle the course content properly).


Spring/Summer 2024

CODE:  Sanitary Drainage (IPC)
CODE: Piping Materials (IFGC)
SAFETY: OSHA Inspections
CORE: Professional Ethics

Now Available!
(Valid Through April 2026)



Fall/Winter 2023

CODE:  IPC Update (2021)
CORE: Customer Service
CORE: Sustainable Business

Now Available!
(Valid Through October 2025)



Spring/Summer 2023

CODE:  Residential Fire Protection
CODE: Fixtures, Faucets, Fittings
SAFETY: Fatal Four, Revisited
CORE: Professionalism & Profits

Now Available!
(Valid Through April 2025)



Fall/Winter 2022

CODE:  IFGC, Gas Piping
CODE: IPC, Water Heaters
CORE: Tankless Heaters
CORE: Resilience & Codes

Now Available!
(Valid Through October 2024)



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