We are incredibly excited to announce Winn’s Career Education has been acquired by the International Code Council® and is the latest addition to the ICC Family of solutions.  When our dad, Curtis Winn, began teaching plumbing professionals in 1996, he simply wanted to spend his final working years sharing the knowledge he accumulated over a diverse career.  He would have been incredibly proud of Winn’s CE as it exists today, serving over 10,000 plumbing and piping professionals each year in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Colorado, and beyond.  He wouldn’t have dared to dream the small business he & mom began out of their home would one day directly serve trade professionals throughout the country and even around the world.  Yet, that is exactly what this announcement will mean!

ICC’s training has a historical focus on code officials and tremendous administrative experience serving their needs.  Winn’s CE has a historical focus on field professionals and brings a wealth of technical experience to its clients.  These two education groups fit perfectly together, complementing each other, with very few areas of overlap but tremendous opportunities to further serve the building & construction trades in the U.S. and around the world.

All Winn’s CE staff will continue in their current roles.  We are honored that Matthew Winn will lead the combined training organization as ICC’s new Senior Vice-President of Training & Education while Scott Winn (of Winn’s CE) and Tracy Lendi (of ICC) will round out the training leadership team moving forward.  We hope and plan the biggest change our clients will see is an even deeper focus on the codes and related information critical to the success of trade professionals from the organization that literally “wrote the book,” the International Code Council®.

For now, our clients may still reach us just as before, online (www.WinnsCE.com) and via phone (855-89-WINNS).  Thanks for allowing us to serve you.  We appreciate each opportunity.

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