It’s not often that the Wall Street Journal recommends calling a plumber, but it happened this month.  Highlights of the article included:

  • 1 in 50 homeowners file a water-damage claim annually
  • $13 billion in claims were made in 2017
  • Claims average $10,000
  • Water claims are the #1 risk for homeowners
  • Recommended precautions include:
    • Install water & leak detection sensors
    • Inspect bathrooms for caulking, leaks & drips
    • Inspect kitchen & laundries water supply hoses
    • Locate and inspect basement shut-off valves
    • Turn off the water when away from home

Hopefully some of this information will help our service clients educate and serve their clients better.

Please read the entire article (subscription required).

[Constructive comments worthy of licensed professionals are welcomed below.]