Responsible Master Plumber


Every plumbing organization in Texas must be owned by or employee at least one person with the Responsible Master Plumber (RMP) designation.  This includes an individual plumber working by himself/herself.  This unique course is taught by our CEO (Matthew Winn) who is a CPA with over 30 years of professional experience and unique insight into the challenges and opportunities of leading a plumbing business in Texas.

We schedule the RMP course every other month via online webinar to cover:

  • State of the Texas Plumbing Industry
  • Government Regulations & Compliance
  • Employment Practices & Policies
  • Business Structure & Finances
  • Customer Service & Business Model
  • Leadership & Long-Term Success
Responsible Master Plumber

This course is no longer required to obtain the RMP designation, but will help both new and experienced business leaders with critical questions such as:

  • What business structure should I choose to limit my personal liability?
  • What’s the critical difference to understand between income and payroll taxes?
  • How do I legally and appropriately limit the various taxes I have to pay?
  • What are the greatest risks for a new business and how do I address them?
  • How do I distinguish between contractors and employees, hourly and salaried?
  • What are my obligations for safety, worker’s comp, and employee benefits?
  • How do I market my business to successfully stand above competitors?
  • How do I manage my business for positive cashflow as well as profits?
  • How do I avoid being overwhelmed so I can enjoy the leadership journey?

Because RMPs often have a second person who would benefit from this course (office manager, family member, etc.), a second person may register for half-price. Simply select a quantity of “2” on the order and apply the coupon code “RMP2” before checking out.

We set the bar high, believing this should be the most engaging educational experience of your career!  Because we appreciate every opportunity to serve the emerging leaders of our industry, we hope this course will build a foundation for success throughout your plumbing career.  Countless previous clients tell us that has absolutely been the case.

This course is no longer required (as of the 2021 legislative session).
Due to steadily falling attendance since, we have discontinued future sessions.

However, we have launched an annual Continuing Education Course alternative designed specifically for current or future RMPs which covers the most critical portions of the original course.  Those scheduled sessions are listed below.

Your [RMP] class was phenomenal!”
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