Call me old school, I don’t mind, but I am no fan of Facebook and the cultural infection of social media.  While there are certainly benefits of staying in touch with dispersed family, friends and colleagues, things are getting out of hand.  In my experience, people will say things on social media they would never say looking the object of their post eye-to-eye, and people who are clueless about a topic can make themselves out to be experts.  In other words, there’s no filter.

My personal bias notwithstanding, social media has changed the world and as Contractor Magazine so eloquently put it, we are now Plumbing in the Age of Transparency.  Read the entire article for some great observations about leading a business in today’s environment, including:

  • Cameras are Everywhere
  • Social Media Make Us Cynical
  • Be Trustworthy
  • Focus on the Big Picture
  • Be Proactive
  • Be Transparent
  • Don’t Worry About Competitors
  • Focus on Relationship
  • Build Your Personal Network

[Constructive comments worthy of licensed professionals are welcomed below.]